Five Tips to Make Your Brochure Printing Standout

Brochure printing is often part of each successful marketing campaign. Give away brochures at trade shows, highlight features of your latest collection, or feature new items you're selling. They're an affordable, effective, and effective promotional tool. Prints can be designed to fit the style of your brand, your message, or your company. Learn more about what's best for your business by learning the tricks of the trade. Visit for more info on printing services.
Three-Panel Fold: Three-panel folds brochure printing in full color to produce a stunning effect. Use standard white paper stock with a full-color, pre-mounted fold design for the clean, modern feel. These types of folds are popular because they make the most use of space. The folded panels create a clean design and provide a uniform appearance on all three sides.
Standard Brochure Fold: Standard brochure printing comes in single-page, single-sided brochure sizes. These are great for providing basic information, such as benefits and how-to information. They're also easy to read and give a quick overview. Many companies choose single-sided brochure printing for the simple reason that it's one of the most affordable options. If you don't need a lot of space or want to focus on the important information, single-sided designs are a great choice.
10 pt Fold: A ten-pt fold is perfect for giving a high-impact look to text. Select high-quality paper stock and large font for crisp, clear text presentation. You'll find these types of brochure printing in full-color preview and in two-sided fold styles. Most stock comes pre-folded with a white background. This provides you with extra cushioning and keeps your layout from looking cluttered.
Poster Fold: Poster printing comes in tri-fold and quad-fold styles. The tri-fold style is great for creating a simple, elegant brochure layout. Quad-fold brochure printing offers more space to include your company's name, contact information, slogan, graphics and tag lines. This is a popular promotional tool for many companies, as it's effective in getting the word out about your brand. If your target market is a younger generation, a poster format may be more appropriate for your brochure printing. Posters help you create a visually attractive image of your brand. Check out this article to get the facts on printing solutions.
Custom Sizes: When it comes to custom sizes of brochures, there's more to choose from than ever before. Today's manufacturers offer custom-sized envelopes for clients in every industry. From pharmaceuticals to apparel manufacturers, envelope sizes can vary drastically. While most reputable print shops will offer standard, single-sided, medium or oversized custom sizes to meet your needs, many suppliers also offer options such as tri-fold, quad-fold and premium paper qualities.Education is a never ending process, so continue reading here: .
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